BLUECOVID is a technology that allows companies to intelligently manage the occurrence of COVID-19 cases in its community of workers and collaborators.

✓ ensure workers health and safety
✓ break the transmission chains inside the workplace 
✓ decrease COVID-19-related absenteeism

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Trace Covid-19

BLUECOVID is a bluetooth technology within an app or a wearable device to intelligently manage the occurrence of COVID-19 cases.

By early tracing contacts from suspected and confirmed cases in the workplace, it prevents the occurrence of more cases, isolating the minimum number of workers necessary to ensure immediate control of the outbreak and thus allowing the continuity of the business activity.

Video presentation BLUECOVID

Video presentation BLUECOVID


TraceCOVID-19 is a medical device software (SaMD) to:

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    Control the transmission of the disease in the community of workers since the 1st case, preventing the formation of an outbreak

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    Risk Management

    Intelligent identification of cases and contacts that must be isolated early, reducing the number of workers in isolation

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    Community-Based Prevention

    Characterization of disease risk, integrating self-reported symptomatic data and the characteristics of the worker with complete privacy of clinical data

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    Prevent the need to implement quarantine to extended groups of workers or stop productive activity due to COVID-19 cases

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    Contact with the company's occupational medicine doctor, with worker symptom monitoring, alerts and case management

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    System integration

    Connection with the computer systems already implemented and integration with technologies more adapted to the context of the company and specific control needs



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